Home Solar Panels – All You Need To Know

Home Solar Panels – All You Need To Know

One of the most neglected and yet the most abundant source of energy in the world is the solar energy. We all know sun gives us light and heat and helps sustain life on this planet.

It has been scientifically proven and also accepted in religious scriptures across the world. So why should we not harness this energy further and create a renewable source of alternate energy for our daily use? As a fan of soccer predictions, I need to always have power to be able to place my bets. But there are many uses of solar power. Here is how we can make solar power count for us.

Biggest benefits of tapping into solar power

a) Green Alternative: You can make solar power from the sun’s energy and avoid the use of the petroleum products. This will in turn help reduce pollution and make the planet greener. The source of the energy is sunlight which is clean and the process does not release any by product at all.

b) Cheap power production: All you need to make solar power is sun’s energy which is absolutely free and quite abundant. Yes, there will be an initial investment to set up the system, but that is a one-time fee and non-recurring expense.

c) Stored Power: The basic principle of the solar power is that it is tapped when the sun is available – during the day – and stored for the time when it is not present – during the night. As a result, the solar panels are built to harvest energy and store it when needed. With conventional source of power, this cannot be done. So you have access to power anywhere, anytime.

d) Low maintenance: This is a huge advantage with producing solar power. The entire unit is made from durable semiconductors and does not have any moving parts. Hence, once you install it, the maintenance is almost negligible.

Tapping into the solar power

While there are many ways by which you can harvest and use solar power, here are three of the most popular uses of the solar energy.

a) Cooking systems: There are many solar cookers that can cook food for you without using electricity. All you need is some sunlight and some time, you can make all kinds of great tasting food. In the past the best thing a solar cooker could do was boil rice, but today there are solutions that allow you to bake, roast and broil food too. The only thing is that in the age of microwaves, the solar cooking systems are slower. But given that you would not spend a single penny on electricity, some extra time is not a big ask.

b) Lighting Systems: Solar panels can drive the lighting need of your entire house. Due to the stored power, you can use your appliances even during the night time. This will surely bring down your power bills drastically.

c) Heating Systems: Whether it is heating water for your cleaning and bathing needs or heating the house during cooler months, solar heating solutions can handle all of them. Since it is all solar based, none of them will cost you anything.

These are some useful ways to make solar power count in your day-to-day life.

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