All You Need To Know About Flight Nurses

All You Need To Know About Flight Nurses

A flight nurse salary can vary wildly just as any Nurses salary can depending on a few variables. We will show you not only what an average Flight Nurse Salary is but also how to become indispensable to the hospital or facility with which you’re employed.

The average flight nurse salary throughout the entire United States is currently about $66,000. Now one of the biggest things to keep in mind is that this average takes into consideration the very low paying areas. One tip we can give you no matter what Nursing specialty you choose (and we will tell you how to make $150K in just a moment) is that just as in real estate it’s all about location, location, location.

Check out some of the average high earning states for general nursing. This does not include the specialty RN Jobs this is nursing careers in general. Some of them would be expected but some were a surprise. A few of the top Nursing salary states are New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, Oregon, Alaska and Nevada. Out of those top 6 Alaska is actually the highest but may not be the highest on many people’s lists as far as a place they would like to live. So, one of the biggest tips we can give is find the area that pays the most and where you would most like to live to give yourself the best of both worlds.

Since the average flight Nurse salary is not truly all that much more than a regular nurse doing the same job on the ground you need to ask yourself why this appeals to you so much. Is it that you would also like some excitement in your life? Are you wanting to possibly get in a little bit of travel to other cities to break up the monotony? If these or other reasons are also a driving factor then please by all means go for it. It’s not ONLY about how much we make it’s also about our quality of life and enjoying what we do (actually that’s the most important part).

If you would really like to make the highest Nursing salary around and quite possibly make even more than 80% of the Doctors you will ever work alongside then may we suggest you also look into becoming a Nurse Anesthetist. The average Nurse Anesthetist salary in the United States is just over $150,000 per year.

Now remember how we spoke about becoming indispensable to the hospital of facility in which you work would be a good thing. Well, it’s actually a very good thing. The reason is that when they don’t have to pay 3 or even more full time people because you can cover all of those specialties they save a ton of money and are then willing to give you a bigger piece of that pie.

If you take the place of an Anesthesiologist, a regular Nurse and a flight Nurse who’s combined salaries would exceed their budget but they can pay you royally and be under budget they LOVE you. Now at that point they will do quite a bit to keep you happy and loving your job because they know you could get hired anywhere and they need you. That for you is a very good position to be in.

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